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About Us

We are a group of Anahola native Hawaiian families living on our trust lands similar to Indian Reservations on the
continent, and we are all members of our self-governing organization, the Anahola Hawaiian Homestead
Association (AHHA).

Much of the Anahola area is on lands set-aside by the United States Congress back in 1921, mirroring the lands
set-aside for American Indians, for homes, ranches, farms and mercantile projects. There are 450 native Hawaiian
families living on our trust lands in Anahola, with many thousands waiting for an allotment to build a home, or a
farm or a ranch.

Our nonprofit developed the Anahola Marketplace on Hawaiian Home Lands, to create mercantile opportunities
for native Hawaiians in our community, and also for any Kauai resident with an entrepreneurial spirit!


Following are the Board Members of our Self Governing homestead association:

Garrett Danner, President

Kipukai Kualii, Vice President
Christy Keale, Board Member

Joe Carillo, Board Member

Windy Kirifi, Board Member
Kuulei Mahinai-Ornellas,
Board Member

Kehea Kolo, Board Member

Mokihana Kauvaka, Board Member

To contact any of our board members, email  Otherwise, the public is welcome to attend
our monthly homestead meetings – the third Monday of Every Month at the Anahola Marketplace at 6:00 pm.

Following are the Board Members of our Nonprofit Arm:

Mike Hodson, Chairman

Iwalani McBrayer, Vice Chair

Liberta Albao, Secretary/Treasurer
Kaulana Mossman, Director

Kamaka Avelino, Director

Luella Lemn, Kupuna

Rod Paahana, Kupuna

Scott Mahoney, Kupuna

Ron Kaua, Kupuna

To contact any of our board members, email

Following is our Anahola Marketplace Manager:
Aleah Freitas, General Manager


The Anahola Hawaiian Homestead Association was founded in 1982 by native Hawaiian families in the Anahola
region and is a self-governing organization. The
Homestead Community Development Corporation & Housing
, was founded in 2009 by native Hawaiians, to address economic opportunities and affordable housing.




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